Late orders and booklists

Please order on time as it takes an average of 12-16 weeks for stock to arrive via normal delivery methods, sea freight (without incurring any extra costs). Airfreight costs for late orders is approximately $10.00 per book and takes on average 4-6 weeks for delivery.

Adoptions need to be submitted for all teaching periods whether a textbook is required or not, and/or whether the Bookshop currently have stock. The Booklist is produced from information provided on your adoption forms and late orders hold up the completion of the booklist published for student use.

Unit materials, calculators, lab coats and nursing kits

It will assist students if you also advise the Bookshop on your adoption forms about everything that is required for the unit, including unit materials, lab manuals, lab coats, nursing kits, calculators and safety glasses.

Unit Readings are added to E-reserve automatically by following the workflow diagram Unit Readings Process S2 - 2015


As a matter of professional integrity no information should be provided to competitors about Murdoch University units and teaching requirements. The University Bookshop is wholly owned by the University, is a self-funding operation and provides competitive pricing to customers. All profits returned to the University are used to improve facilities and services on campus.