Open Universities Australia - Frequently Asked Questions

How do I order books?
The best way to order books is through our website’s online ordering facility. See the Open University Australia page, type in the unit codes of the units you are studying; hit search and add the books you need to your cart. Once you’ve done that, you can follow the prompts to enter your delivery and payment details.

Why can I only find unit readers and not textbooks for my course?
Textbooks for Open University courses are ordered and supplied via Unibooks, Open Universities’ preferred textbook supplier. The Murdoch University Bookshop supplies course readers for certain Open University subjects run through Murdoch.
Unibooks is not affiliated with Murdoch University Bookshop.

Why can’t I find the unit reader for my unit?
There are several reasons why this may be the case. First of all, not all units have unit readers. The coordinator may have elected to only use electronic readings.

Secondly, please double check you are entering the correct unit code. Generally, unit codes are composed of a two/three letter course code and a two/three letter course number. Example unit codes are SSK12, SSK18, PTR100 and PTR200. Remove any leading zeroes from the unit code – for example, OSSK12 should be searched for using SSK12.

How long does delivery take?
Please see the Delivery methods page for detailed information regarding pickup or delivery.

I’m receiving a “There are currently no items in your cart.” message after attempting to order books
If you have ticked the checkboxes of the items you wish to purchase and this message is coming up, please see the Ordering issues page.