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Always ensure you check the edition of the book you're searching for - if we have any older editions of the book you search for, they will appear in the search results.

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Search tips

  • If you are having difficulty finding an item, try reducing the amount of search terms used.
  • Searches are NOT case-sensitive.
  • Author, Title and ISBN/APN searches are alphabetic from the start point which you specify as the search text. Therefore Paters will yield 'Paterson A', 'Paterson A B', 'Paterson K', etc.
  • Author searches should be conducted using the author's surname. Specify only one author.
  • Wildcards may be used in keyword searching (eg: ca* will match to 'cat', 'cab', 'Canberra', 'catastrophe', etc.)
  • Keyword searching can be used for title and author searching when the exact title or author is unknown. (eg: when searching for 'Romeo and Juliet' - specify Romeo Shakes*)
  • Trivial words (eg: is, the, of) will be disregarded for keyword searches.