Murdoch University is proud to offer a large range of scholarships, prizes and awards to help assist students in achieving their potential. Scholarships consist of a variety of categories, including equity based and merit. Students are encouraged to get in contact with Student Financial Support Office for further information.


Murdoch First Scholarship

Expecting an 80.00+ ATAR? Learn about our new $2,000 Murdoch First Scholarship and whether you could be eligible to apply.

This is a first by a Western Australian university - Murdoch has introduced this ground-breaking new student scholarship to acknowledge and congratulate high-potential first-year students across the State who nominate Murdoch University as their first preference in TISC.

Other scholarships are also available in the following categories:

Did you know? At Murdoch we want to set you up for success, that's why we allow our students to be in receipt of more than one scholarship a year.
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