Murdoch University:
International Cricket Scholarship

Are you a high-level player of a cricket and a current member of an international cricket club or association?

If so, put a spin on your studies and bat your best innings with a Murdoch University International Cricket Scholarship!

In partnership with the Western Australian Cricket Association (WACA), Murdoch University is proud to offer eligible male and female students from India, Sri Lanka and the West Indies the opportunity to study at Murdoch, while gaining exclusive access to a range of WACA and West Australian cricketing services and amenities.




$11,000 for Business and Governance eligible degree courses and Bachelor of Nursing.

$8,000 for all other eligible courses


For commencing students S1, 2019: Friday 25th January, 4.00pm (Australian WST)

For commencing students S2, 2019: Friday 24th May, 4.00pm (Australian WST)


Subject to the terms and conditions of the scholarship being met, the scholarship value will be paid directly to the recipient’s Murdoch University tuition fee account in four instalments, across two years* at census date of each applicable semester.

Payment instalment schedule

Cricket Scholarship total value $11,000  or
Deducted from acceptance deposit $3,000 $2,500
Before 2nd semester commences $3,000 $2,500
Before 3rd semester commences $2,500 $1,750
Before 4th semester commences $2,500 $1,750

There is no financial payout of this scholarship, nor is it refundable.


In order to be eligible for consideration, a candidate must be:

• a high level player of a cricket and current member of an international cricket club or association;
• an international, full fee paying student;
• commencing studies at one of Murdoch's Western Australia campuses in 2019;
• commencing studies in an eligible coursework program;
• a citizens from one of the following countries or regions: India, Sri Lanka and the West Indies*;
• have an unconditional letter of offer from Murdoch University to enrol in a Murdoch University course, and satisfy all entry conditions for that course;
• successfully granted an Australian visa with study right by the Department of Home Affairs; and
• able to provide two references from their home cricket club or association demonstrating high level cricket accomplishments and aspirations

Eligible Courses:
• All undergraduate degrees available to international students and delivered at one of Murdoch’s Western Australian campuses.
• All Honour degrees available to international students and delivered at one of Murdoch’s Western Australian campuses.
• All Graduate Diploma and Master by coursework degrees available to international students and delivered at one of Murdoch’s Western Australian campuses.
• Graduate Certificate degrees that have been packaged with a Murdoch Master by Coursework degree.

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*citizens of the West Indies are identified as those eligible to play for the West Indies cricket team

More info:

• Placement in a suitable community cricket club competition in Perth, by arrangement with the WACA
• Exclusive access to high performance training facilities over the summer of cricket
• Insights into Coaching and Talent team with professional development opportunities within the WACA organisation
• Community Coach umpire accreditation certificate and course enrolment and umpire
• Exclusive access to WACA Sports Science and Medicine staff
• Season pass to all domestic and international matches at the WACA and Perth Stadium.
• A signed cricket bat from Western Australia’s premier cricket club, the Western Warriors.

^ The benefits provided by Western Australia Cricket Association (WACA) are at the sole discretion of the WACA and only valid for the duration specified by the WACA at time of awarding of the scholarship.

For further information please contact

Plese see the Terms and Conditions

How to apply

Submission of the following documents must be emailed to by the application deadline:

1. Completed International Cricket Scholarship Application Form

2. A copy of an eligible unconditional Letter of Offer from Murdoch University to the applicant

3. Personal Statement – 2 page limit

This should be a brief summary of the applicant’s life, education and employment (if relevant); personal and career goals; particular hobbies and interests, and what being a recipient of a Murdoch International Cricket Scholarship would mean personally.

4. Two references regarding the applicant’s participation in cricket – 1 page limit for each;
Each reference must identify the name, title, club or school and contact number of the referee at the top of the page. The referee must comment on his or her personal knowledge of the applicant’s cricketing skills and accomplishments.


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What happens next?

Representatives of the Western Australia Cricket Association and Murdoch University will form a joint selection committee to assess applications.

The joint selection committee will consider those eligible applications against the eligibility criteria, and at their discretion, that joint selection committee shall select the successful candidates for that calendar year to Murdoch University.

All applicants will be notified of the selection process outcome in writing.