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International Welcome Scholarship (IWS)

Studying at Murdoch University isn’t just about learning in your chosen field. You’ll explore new ways of thinking, discover different perspectives and make a difference by applying cutting-edge theory with real world experiences to ensure you’re ready for a successful career.

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International Welcome Scholarships are open to eligible international students who choose to study a Murdoch University eligible Bachelor, Honours, Postgraduate Diploma or Master by Coursework degree commencing in any of the below intakes:

  1. Semester 2 2017; or
  2. Semester 1 2018; or
  3. Semester 2 2018; or 
  4. Semester 1 2019; or
  5. Semester 2 2019

Multiple scholarships are available


$10,000 for all Business and Governance eligible degree courses*
$7,000 for all other eligible degree courses


To be considered for a scholarship, applications for entry to an eligible course need to be submitted to the international admissions office at least two weeks prior to the start of the semester that the student intends to commence their studies at Murdoch.


Subject to the terms and conditions of the award being met, the award will be applied in two equal instalments directly into the recipient's Murdoch University tuition fee account before the start of each of the first two consecutive semesters of study.

There is no financial payout of this scholarship, nor is it refundable.


To be eligible for the scholarship, students must meet all three of the below eligibility criteria:

  1. Be an International Student who is a citizen of one of the following countries; AND
    Bangladesh India Malaysia Nepal Sri Lanka

    Vietnam (S2 2017 intake & beyond)

    Bhutan Indonesia Mauritius Nigeria Thailand Zambia
    China incl. Hong Kong Kenya Mexico (S2 2017 & Beyond) Pakistan The Philippines Zimbabwe
  2. Be a new** international student applicant who applies for, and receives an offer, a conditional offer or a packaged offer to commence studies at Murdoch University;
    1. In either:
      1. Semester 2 2017; or
      2. Semester 1 2018; or
      3. Semester 2 2018; or
      4. Semester 1 2019; or
      5. Semester 2 2019; AND
    2. In one of the eligible Bachelor, Honours or Postgraduate Diploma or Master by Coursework courses; AND
    3. The eligible course should be studied internally at one of Murdoch University's Australian Campuses.
  3. Not be recipients of another scholarship awarded by Murdoch University.

*Note: As identified by being located within the School of Business and Governance.

**Note: For the purposes of this scholarship, a new international student is defined as a student who has not completed the same AQF level qualification at Murdoch that they are now applying to study at Murdoch University.

More info:

Please see the Terms and Conditions, here.

How to apply

There is no scholarship application process. An eligible student simply needs to accept their Murdoch University offer to receive an International Welcome Scholarship.

Apply for admission to Murdoch University now!

Scholarships will automatically be awarded to eligible students by the International Admissions team.

Upon acceptance of their Murdoch University Offer of Study, a successful recipient of an International Welcome Scholarship will be accepting the terms and conditions of the scholarship.

Successful recipients will receive an email confirmation from our International Admissions team.

What happens next?

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