Vice Chancellor's Student Development Fund

Please note we are not accepting any more applications for 2017. Applications for 2018 will reopen in January

Program guidelines

The Vice Chancellor’s Student Development Program has been established to provide financial support to students wishing to undertake professional development activities relevant to their course, including attendance at interstate and international conferences and work placements outside of Perth.

How much can I get?

  • Students can apply for up to $500 to assist with travel and other costs associated with their development activities.
  • Where two or more students wish to apply for funds for the same activity, a maximum of $1,000 will be provided. The Selection Committee may allocate funds to the event, in which case the $ 1,000 will contribute to the overall costs of the activity regardless of how many students are involved, or allocate funds directly to individual students where multiple applications have been received.

Who can apply?

  • Students must be undergraduate or postgraduate coursework students enrolled and studying at Murdoch University;
  • Students must be of good current academic standing;
  • Students must be considered to be an appropriate ambassador for the University;
  • Students should generally be enrolled fulltime however the Selection Committee will give due regard to personal circumstances and the relationship between the development activity and the student’s university based responsibilities;
  • The activity proposed must be related to the student’s current course and clearly add value to their learning experience;
  • Applications for sporting activities or sponsorships will not be funded by this program.

How do I apply?

  • Application Forms (word doc) should be submitted at least 2 months, and preferably 3 months, before funds are required and applications can be submitted at any time of the year;
  • Students must obtain the endorsement of the appropriate School Dean prior to submission;
  • Applications must be sent via email marked “Vice Chancellor’s Student Development Program” and sent to the Student Financial Support Office;
  • The Selection Committee will endeavour to make timely assessment of applications with outcomes notified within 4 weeks of application;
  • The Selection Committee is not required to give reasons for their decision and these decisions are not subject to appeal.

Are there any strings attached?

  • Students may be asked to work with the University’s Office of Development and Communications and Public Relations Team to undertake some PR activities such as:
    • Writing a story for our 'Intouch' alumni magazine or the University’s website;
    • Providing a story for local media;
    • Talking to other students in suitable forums;
    • Talking to the University’s Senate about their experiences.

For any more information please contact the Student Financial Support Office